First and foremost, before comparing prices, view photos from any of our client's website and compare our images to our competitors.  Sure, we all can put GREAT photos on our website, but it's what you get as a finished product EVERY TIME that really matters. You and your Clients will be absolutely amazed at the quality of the images.

        Please be click on the link below and share it with your client so the property will be prepared for the photographer.

Please check the confirmation form for more accurate pricing. 


Basic package -  Interior and exterior  (for smaller homes)  Starts at                                                 $95

Virtual tour - This includes all photos.                                                                                                 $40 
(Your client sees more than the 32 Photos that HAR allows in the Gallery)

Combination package   (This is the most popular)                                                                             $135     

This package, for 3500sq ft and less and includes the Standard photography above and a virtual tour.   The Virtual tour includes all additional photos of the details in and around the property . (This is the most common package.)  Additionally, you will receive the images completely prepared both for print (flyers etc.) and the web, ready to go.  



3D Matterport Imaging - Call for quote

Twilight Shot - $115 (When shot with interior)
                          $165 with daylight exterior.
 (Requires 2 trips).

Twilight Shot of Front and Back $145    

This image of the front or back exterior taken at dusk will enhance your property tremendously. A very popular photo for more elegant homes. 

All Twilight shots are HDR images for incredible color and vibrance.

Aerial Shot - $125 (includes multiple images)

This image is taken from above showing a view of the entire property.

Walkthrough Video $225

The following costs are for Houses exceeding 3500 sq ft.  The larger the house, the more detail there is to be photographed and show the property off properly.  Additionally, there are more images included in the virtual tour that show off even more details of the house than what's in the HAR Gallery.

  • 360 degree virtual reality panorama   $ 365  (This type of photography would be primarily used for large rooms or rooms with a lot of detail where the viewer can control the view with the mouse and look around the room at the detail.)

  • Neighborhood amenities (pool, golf course, clubhouse, playground etc.) $30.00 per location (if taken while in the area).

  • Travel 20-40 miles from Katy, add      $35
  • Travel 40-60 miles from Katy, add      $90 
  • Travel 60-80 miles from Katy, add     $145
  • Travel 80-110 miles from Katy, add   $185
  • Travel 110-150 miles from Katy, add $225
  • Return trip to the property for replacement/additional photos $65/for 2 rooms. Addt'l rooms $10ea. (Plus Travel)


All the work is done for you.  

With the Full Coverage package, all of the photos are uploaded to you usually the same day immediately after processing, but always within 24 hrs.  You will then receive two folders of all the photographs. One will be for the web that you can email around or change out photos in the HAR Gallery with all of the additional photos.  The other folder will be the same photos in a higher resolution that can be used for Flyers and Brochures. 

(The above discounted prices are for real estate agents only.  There is a slight additional fee for "For Sale By Owner" properties.)

(These prices are subject to change without notice and will be published on this page as well as the confirmation form).